Notizie SIMGBM

Recently, Microorganisms is organizing the 2019 Travel Award aiming to provide financial support for postdocs and PhD students who plan to attend conferences related to microbiology filed in 2019. We encourage students who are interested in this award to apply as early as possible.

By taking this chance, we would also like to invite you to help spread this exciting news, the following two channels would definitely make sense if possible.

1.You could contact the department office, inquiring whether it possible to post our news on the official website page of your department. In this way, students in your school could have an easy access to obtain this information. We welcome the application from your students.
2.On condition you belong to any society in microbiology filed, you could also help to connect the relationship between the societies and us. Thus, members of related societies could apply and may finally win the opportunity.

The deadline for this application is 20 November 2018. For more detailed information such as requirements and materials about this award, please find them on the application website:

Notizie SIMGBM

Al CUN, nella sua funzione di organo di consulenza del Ministro dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca, è stata demandata la revisione complessiva delle Classi dei Corsi di Studio e dei Settori Scientifico-Disciplinari. Leggi la lettera inviata al Presidente della SIMGBM.

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