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Climate Change: Challenges and Influence on Microbial Safety of Water and Food

The FEMS Summer School for Postdocs recognizes 25 of the most talented and promising researchers from across the world. It is designed to support personal and professional development through 9 days of close work with top scientists, and to enable and encourage research collaboration across all fields of microbiology.

We invite you to apply to attend!

The content of the Summer School for 2024 will be focused on the following theme:

Climate Change: Challenges and Influence on Microbial Safety of Water and Food

The Summer School presents a unique opportunity for early career scientists to receive instruction and supervision from prominent academics, collaborate and network with fellow researchers from an international range of countries, and to discuss their own work as well as wider aspects of being a scientist.

Notizie FEMS

Seasons Greetings

We extend our warmest greetings to everyone as we enter into the festive period. Looking towards 2024, there are some important events on the way:
• From January 2024, all but one of the FEMS Journals will have transitioned to Open Access and all papers in these journal archives will be free-to-read! Publish with our not-for-profit society journals to keep publishing revenues with the scientific community.
• In February, we will announce the 2023 Article Award Winners. Each FEMS journal selects the best paper published the previous year for special attention. Check out the Article Award Winners from last year.
• The 50th Anniversary of FEMS takes place in 2024! The first meeting of the FEMS Council took place in Amsterdam on 22 November 1974. Since 1974 we have worked consistently to support microbiology and our Member Societies. Stay tuned for more next year...

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Hilary Lappin-Scott, FEMS President: A Term In Review

As Hilary Lappin-Scott’s term as FEMS President comes to an end, she reflects on all that happened along the way.
Please enjoy our article and joint Microbes and Us podcast episode on her term in review, as we say farewell to her time as FEMS President. She discusses the challenges, learning opportunities, and thrilling moments, as Hilary gives her final message to the community.

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#FEMSmicroBlog: Microbes Discovered In 2023

It is again time to look at some new members of our microbial world! As always, the list has been extensive, making it difficult to choose a few interesting microbes to present. In these #FEMSmicroBlog articles, Sarah Wettstadt and Corrado Nai introduce new bacteria and fungi fake rolex kaufen discovered in 2023.

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