• 5 days left to submit your abstract for FEMS 2023!
Abstract submissions and grant applications for FEMS2023 close on 1 February 2023, 11:59 PM CET [...]

• Our Industry Placement Grants have an approaching deadline!
Applications for our Industry Placement Grants close on 1 February! These grants allow Early Career Scientists to acquire experience in industry with the financial support of FEMS (max support €5000) [...]

• Spotlight on José Penadés: Bacteria without their phages are just not competitive
The microbial world is interconnected and only makes sense when one looks at the big picture. Meet José Penadés, a new editor of microLife and member of the European Academy of Microbiology through this Spotlight article [...]

• FEMS Journals Prize Winners
The FEMS Journals award Poster & Oral Presentation Prizes to the best presenters at a range of microbiology events that we support. Read the most recent interviews with the award winners! [...]

• FEMS Yeast Research is now a ‘Peer Community In’-friendly journal
FEMS Yeast Research is now one of the PCI-friendly journals. ‘Peer Community In’ (PCI) are communities who evaluate and recommend preprints in different disciplines. As FEMS Yeast Research is now a PCI-friendly journal, preprints deemed suitable for publication in the journal might reach editors with attached ‘peer community’ recommendations. This might help editors in their work and results in manuscripts of high quality reaching the journal [...]

• Thank You to all our FEMS Reviewers in 2022!
In 2022, about 1200 reviewers helped the FEMS journals maintain the high scientific and rigorous standard they are known for.
Reviewers are the unsung heroes of every reputable scholarly journal. With their subject expertise and voluntary work, they provide an invaluable contribution for the advancement of science [...]

• Below is a current list of Call for Papers in FEMS Journals
All journals in the FEMS Portfolio welcome spontaneous submissions except for FEMS Microbiology Reviews (invited contributions, pre-submission enquiries possible) [...]

• New Podcast Episode: Coral Reefs, Climate Change and Conservation with Jennifer Matthews
Our episode host Eleni Koursari, welcomes Jennifer Matthews, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the University Technology Sydney, Australia. They talk about coral reefs, how they have been affected by climate change and what can we do to conserve them for future generations [...]

• #FEMSmicroBlog: New microbes discovered in 2022
The year 2022 brought many new things, including new microbes. Friends or foe, helpful or harmful, environmental or ‘artistic,’ microorganisms never cease to surprise, scare, help, and amaze us. Discover them all in these blog entries! [... ]

• Our Volunteer Projects
Every year we run several volunteer projects aiming to communicate microbiology to a wider audience. Recently, we welcomed 14 volunteers to our #MicrobiologyInArt blog section team but also 2 volunteers to our Journal Social Media Editor team [...]